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October 13, 2017

Holistic Health North London asks, “Why are so many people affected by stress”?

Generally, people are unaware of the amount of stress they are under. They are aware of the more tangible stresses e.g. financial stress, work stress, partner stress, children stress, but do not understand that there are many other forms of stresses that are affecting us. Some of these stresses are listed below: Physical – Exercise,...
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Overweight, tired and stressed, a common theme

Overweight, tired and stressed, a common theme Throughout the previous four blog posts you may have noticed a theme developing. Irrespective of whether you were looking at reasons why people are unable to lose weight, are suffering from poor sleep patterns or are highly stressed they all are affected by the same things. A reminder...
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Why are people tired all the time?

Sorry to state the obvious here but most people are not getting enough sleep. This can be for a number of reasons, eating a diet to which you are not suited is one of the main reasons. Also if you eat too little or too much this can also cause a problem. Eating too little...
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Why people have trouble losing weight?

In my previous blog I mentioned the six foundational principles I use with all my clients. When you look at them they all play a part in our ability to control our weight. The body needs oxygen to carry out its everyday functions. If we are not breathing correctly we will have less energy and...
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Overweight tired and stressed the holistic approach

I am going to spend the next few blog posts explaining my holistic approach to health and fitness and how this approach can help clients overcome obesity, tiredness and disease. The approach adopted by lion health and fitness follows six foundational principles, these are: breathing, thoughts, nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep. Breathing patterns, if faulty...
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