Converting an old central heating system

downloadNow that the world is looking much more at energy efficiency and the carbon footprint of different devices within the home and work, there is much more focus on how much energy we are using. One such focus is on the central heating that we use within our homes and a lot of the older gas boilers that we have used for decades are now being highlighted as being very inefficient when it comes to the amount of gas that they use.

This leads us to the argument of whether we should look at replacing out gas boiler for a new model. Boiler repair and installation in London is by no means cheap and therefore it is definitely worth looking into this carefully before making the choice of getting your London boiler firm into help.

The new boilers are so much more efficient that people really would recoup a lot of money on their gas bills, which could be directly offset against the cost of a new one. Added to this by buying a new gas boiler in many cases you will experience many other benefits such as extended warrantees, much more pressure at the various appliances as many boilers now run on mains water pressure. By getting a 3 to 5 year warrantee for example you could immediately say that you will not have any expenses as regards repairs for the first x amount of years of ownership. For some people that are making the change their may also be some grants available as the government look to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the country.

One other key point to bear in mind is that depending on how old the gas appliance that you have is, it may also be potentially much more dangerous if open flue for example than the room sealed appliances that are the norm now.

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