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Fat Loss in North London

Do you want Fat Loss or are you focussed on weight loss? Most people think this is the same thing but in reality they are completely different.

Permanent fat loss is best achieved with an holistic approach

It is relatively easy to lose weight, just ask any bodybuilder who has been inactive for a few days and they will tell you that they have lost weight due to a loss of muscle. Fat loss is completely different and is virtually impossible to achieve in a healthy manner with exercise alone. Permanent fat loss in north london is best achieved with an holistic approach. Whilst this program focusses on fat loss the holistic health approach makes it much more than that.

You truly have a one-stop shop to your fat loss and weight management needs.

Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor

DNA Profiling

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching



One of the top Personal Trainers in North London reveals insider secrets the weight loss and fitness industries – Don’t Want You to Know.


My aim is to identify the best diet for you.

This approach has been used very successfully with clients displaying various chronic conditions e.g. IBS, yeast overgrowth, H Pylori, dysbiosis and parasites to name but a few. Funnily enough once these conditions are cleared up overall health improves and the ability for weight and fat loss improve. In North London the fat loss program is offered at two levels. Clients can choose to start with the Basic Fat Loss Program or go straight to the Advanced Fat Loss Program. Either way if you stick to the program and advice given results are guaranteed. These programs look at the body holistically identifying the barriers to success and are not based on fad diets. Once the diet is identified I will assist you in fine tuning it ensuring the vitamin, mineral and macronutrient levels are correct for YOU. Obviously it is not just about diet there are other aspects of this service equally as important and these are described in the two programs below.

Almost every client I have ever worked with displays one or more of these symptoms. Using the holistic approach almost every client I have ever worked with has reduced fat and achieved their weight management and fat loss goals. Some (very few) can achieve their goals with exercise alone; others by addressing dietary issues and exercise but for many there are hidden stressors, which prevent the weight loss they require. Wherever you fit on this spectrum there is a solution for you

My Training with the CHEK Institute has opened the door to a truly holistic approach to weight management. Add to this my training as an Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, DNA Profiling and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and you truly have a one-stop shop to your fat loss and weight management needs.

The Basic Fat Loss in North London Program consists of:

• Metabolic Typing Tests

• Metabolic Typing Results sessions

• Regular coaching sessions

• Lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress relief and relaxation advice

• Heart Rate Variability testing

Plus laboratory testing for:

• Food Intolerance testing IgG tests (blood sample)

• Adrenal function (saliva)

• Stress Levels (saliva)

• Stress and Growth Hormone Levels (saliva)

• Liver stress, Free Radical Damage and digestive capability (urine)

• Intestinal Function, infections and inflammation (stool)

Note: in addition to the cost of the program clients will be expected to settle the Lab fee costs with the respective labs when they send the test kits.

The Advanced Fat Loss in North London Program consists of the above plus a physical exercise program:

• A full body physical and postural assessment

• A detailed physical exercise program

• DNA profiling to ensure the appropriate exercise program

• Analysis of health and fitness questionnaires

• Follow up assessments

• Referrals to other health specialists as appropriate

Both programs are for a minimum of six months. Programs are designed around your timescales and ability to commit to meet your goals. The Advanced Fat Loss North london Program can be for one two or three sessions a week, the only caveat being that once agreed all sessions must be completed within the allotted timescale.

In order to get started you can either give me a call or send me an email and I will send you the required paperwork that must be filled out and returned to me by two days before our initial consultation.

The initial consultation is free if you proceed with the program but if you subsequently choose not to proceed you will be charged at the current hourly rate.

If you have any of the below, then this Fat Loss program is for you

  • Overweight and Feel tired and/or stressed
  • Feeling too intimidated to go to a public gym
  • worried that your size, energy level or current health condition prevents participation in leisure activities
  • Feeling too tired to exercise
  • trying to understand why you are overweight and feel tired all the time
  • Wanting to be lean and lively
  • Fed up with fad diets, pills, potions and remedies because the weight just comes straight back again
  • Unsure what is the best exercise for you
  • Reluctant to exercise because of a previous bad experience


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  • I started working with Phil 3 years ago. I was a 64 year old lady club golfer whose form had been lost due to back problems. Phil helped me understand what was causing my back problems and put me on an exercise regime to get me out of pain.

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