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Lion Health and Fitness offers a range of holistic health and fitness services in Barnet, North London, all of which are tailored to meet the needs of clients wishing to obtain optimum health and fitness. Irrespective of the service you require, working with Phil a CHEK Level 4 Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor and Advanced Personal Trainer in Barnet ensures that all sessions are designed with safety and enjoyment in mind.

Whether you are suffering with Neck or Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Postural Dysfunctions, Sciatic pain, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolysthesis, Spondylolysis, High Blood Pressure, Gastrointestinal issues, Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Stress, Pre or Post-Natal, are elderly or just want better physical fitness, Lion Health and Fitness has the answer.



One of the top Personal Trainers in North London reveals insider secrets the weight loss and fitness industries – Don’t Want You to Know.


Continued list of services

Health and Fitness

Physical Rehab Sports Therapy north london offers permanent pain relief and improved performance if injury or illness is preventing you from taking part in your recreational activities then this service could be just the one you need to get you back into action.

Corrective Physical Sports Therapy north london postural problems are so common today that any Physical fitness exercise programme should include an element of postural correction to ensure injuries do not occur.

Physical Fitness
Sports Performance North London Training e.g. Boxing, Golf, Tennis etc to improve at a given sport you need to be proficient at performing all the movements required by the sport. Using the CHEK system we identify the movements in which you need to improve and design an exercise programme to help improve them.

Pain Management
Postural Correction no matter where the pain – ankle, knee, hip, back shoulders or neck, experience tells me that it is very likely caused by some sort of postural imbalance. This service identifies where improvements can be made and provides a physical fitness exercise program to correct them.

Post Natal
Pre and Post Natal Abdominal Exercise this service provides personal training in barnet, physical exercise programs and health advice for both pre and post natal women.

Over 50’s
Personal Fitness Training North London offers personal training in Barnet for the over 50′s, training for people over the age of 50 is different from that of younger people, this service is specifically designed to improve balance, flexibility and strength without being too strenuous.

Corrective Exercise
Low Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain relief north london no matter where you feel your pain, working with the CHEK assessment system we are able to identify the causes of the pain and provide a physical rehab sports therapy exercise program that will help relieve its symptoms.

Chronic Illness or Disease
Chronic Illness or Disease is not a reason to become lazy, we are designed to move and if we didn’t we would likely starve to death. So my advice to everyone is that we are designed to move, in doing so we move the fluids around our body and do not allow them to stagnate. No matter what your complaint we can provide an exercise programme that will encourage you to leave the sofa.

Nutrition and Health Training north london this is one of the most important aspects of any health and fitness regime. If you continue to eat poor quality food or food to which you are intolerant it is very unlikely that you will attain your health and fitness goals. This service provides the information you require to make the changes you need. Remember you will never look good on the outside unless you look good on the inside…….unless you CHEAT.

Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing is a way of looking at your diet based upon genetics and ethnic background. It provides you with dietary plans that show the foods to which your body type is most suited. Once identified there is then a period of fine tuning required to achieve lasting health benefits.

Digestion and Detoxification is of the utmost importance to all clients if you are not digesting your food properly you will never be entirely fit and healthy. This service provides laboratory testing to identify potential healing opportunities within the digestive tract, then based upon results support protocols may be recommended to help improve the gastrointestinal environment.

Food Intolerance
Food Intolerance Testing probably the number one reason people have problems losing weight is because they are eating foods to which they are intolerant. This service identifies the foods that need to be avoided.

Heart Rate Variability
Heart Rate Variability Testing provides valuable information on the inner workings of the body. It highlights how well the body is coping with stress, provides information on how hard the heart is working and also gives us information about endocrine function.

Functional Nutrition
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is an extremely powerful system of laboratory testing which tests for stress levels, hormonal levels, cell function, digestive capabilities, liver function and also the presence of fungus, parasites, yeast overgrowth and other nasty pathogens. Any issues provide healing opportunities that are usually supported by specific supplement protocols in order to restore normal function.

Published 17.02.2015

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  • For more than 7 years I’d been dogged by a chronic and debilitating calf injury that prevented me from running for any distance without experiencing tension pain. A whole series of appointments with doctors and specialists, acupuncture and ultrasound sessions, as well as prolonged rest – including a spell on crutches all failed to cure the problem.

    Calf Injury
  • I started working with Phil 3 years ago. I was a 64 year old lady club golfer whose form had been lost due to back problems. Phil helped me understand what was causing my back problems and put me on an exercise regime to get me out of pain.

    Back Issues

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