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Sports Performance in North london

For all of your sports performance needs in north london

The sports performance in North London program is designed to help clients improve their performance

The sports performance in North London program is designed to help clients improve their performance. By breaking down individual movement patterns and identifying specific weaknesses I am able to identify what movements may be affecting your performance. A corrective exercise program is then put together to strengthen the faulty movements before moving on to fully integrated movements for your specific sport. If any of the list below ring a bell with you then give me a call to discuss your options.


The basic program consists of

The advanced program consists of

A full body physical assessment. A detailed physical exercise program

DNA Profiling (saliva sample) Food Intolerance testing IgG tests

Holistic Lifestyle Advice Follow up assessments at three and six months.

Liver stress Free Radical Damage & Digestive Capability

Analysis of health and fitness questionnaires Dietary Advice

Adrenal function Stress & Growth Hormone Levels

Referrals to other health specialists as appropriate.

Intestinal Function Infections and Inflammation (stool)



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Identifying the barriers to success and designing programs to correct them.

The completion of the CHEK practitioner Level 2 qualification opened the door to more sports specific work. This included both sports injury rehabilitation and the improvement of sports performance. I mainly worked with soccer and rugby players but have also worked with other sports people e.g. karate and hockey players. Then after completing the CHEK practitioner level 3 qualifications my client base expanded to include golfers, swimmers and tennis players helping them improve their sports performance in North london.

Most of these clients had seen a number of rehabilitation specialists or physical therapists, often spending thousands of pounds, with no improvement in their condition. I have worked with people who had multiple shoulder surgeries that only gave temporary relief, yet when they followed my program, their pain improved considerably and in most cases disappeared.

The reason I was able to help these people when other approaches had failed was because of the comprehensive assessment I have been trained to do whilst studying with the CHEK Institute. The systematic approach allows me to identify the barriers to success and design programs to correct them.

Published 17.02.2015

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  • For more than 7 years I’d been dogged by a chronic and debilitating calf injury that prevented me from running for any distance without experiencing tension pain. A whole series of appointments with doctors and specialists, acupuncture and ultrasound sessions, as well as prolonged rest – including a spell on crutches all failed to cure the problem.

    Calf Injury
  • I started working with Phil 3 years ago. I was a 64 year old lady club golfer whose form had been lost due to back problems. Phil helped me understand what was causing my back problems and put me on an exercise regime to get me out of pain.

    Back Issues

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